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Hi there! You can call me Sophie. I like pretty pictures and comedy.
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Anonymous: vorona


Thank you! 

Why I like them: Vorona is a rational character with completely irrational tendencies, which I find pretty interesting! Like there’s one scene where she chastises Mikado for trying to handle things himself instead of just calling the police… and then she immediately proceeds to throw a flash grenade at him.

Plus, emotionally inexperienced characters are always fun because they can develop in a number of different directions. And she’s cute.  I really like how she plays off other characters. And how she voraciously devours books and then uses them as her point of reference for reality because she has no first-hand experience of her own (so naturally, her perception of the world around her is more than a little skewed). Casually pulls out a bazooka or whatever like it’s nbd. ‘You want to get rid of someone? Allow me to list all the most efficient ways, in alphabetical order—’

And! She is the cheekiest brat. I feel like this aspect of her personality is glossed over a lot and that makes me kind of sad because WOW 

“…… My father is an expert at a type of martial art called ‘Systema’, however, this was the only art I did not learn…… The reason was basically as defiance towards my father.”

yeah, take that, dad.

Vorona, sensing she had been insulted, calmly started concocting a plan to knock Slon out –

what an awful kid

"I see……! So if Vorona were the spider, I would be the secretion. Both of us are needed in order to catch our prey!"

"The analogy is questionable. I secrete Slon. Too creepy, completely negative. I hope for the erasure of your existence."

I love her

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They're coming back.
sailor moon
mizuno ami
sailor moon
mizuno ami

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Celty Sturlurson

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"What’s up with your face? What happened?"

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Izaya + his hobby


M I K A D O    R Y U UG A M I N E

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D u r a r a r a ! ! x 2

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Finally they’re coming back.♥

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